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WLAN dynamic interface vs AP group dynamic interface priority?

I have a quick question about AP groups which has been bothering me today.

One major reason for using AP groups is so that your campus can use a single SSID and place your AP's into AP groups where you can then split the traffic into different VLAN's.

As per the 5508 configuration guide you cannot create two WLANs with the same SSID and the same layer 2 security settings without throwing up an error.

While I was looking at the GUI properly for the first time today I noted that when you configure a WLAN with an SSID you also specify the WLC dynamic interface for the traffic.

When you also configure AP groups you also choose the dynamic interface and choose the WLANs within the AP group.

My question is simple. Does the AP group dynamic interface setting take precedence over the WLAN dynamic interface setting? The dynamic interfaces are listed in two places so its a bit of challenge understanding what is going where.

If someone would mind spending a minute replying this would really help me out as I am new to wireless technologies.



New Member

Re: WLAN dynamic interface vs AP group dynamic interface priorit


"AP Group VLANs, also called Site-Specific VLANs,  is a way to allow load       balancing on a WLAN by creating groups of Cisco LAPs that override the       interface normally provided by the WLAN. When a client joins a WLAN,  the       interface used is determined by the LAP it is associated with, and by  looking       up the AP Group VLAN and WLAN for that LAP."

My interpretation is that the AP Group interface takes precedence over the SSID interface for those LWAPs within the AP Group. When they say "load balancing" I believe they are referring to segmenting your WLAN users into different subnets so you don't end up with an inordinate amount of clients in one broadcast domain.

My two cents, take it with a grain of salt.

New Member

Re: WLAN dynamic interface vs AP group dynamic interface priorit


The direct answer to your question is 'Yes'.  The dynamic interface configured in an AP VLAN group does override the dynamic interface configured in the profile.  This makes sense since any SSID configured that may NOT have an AP VLAN group defined for it must still have some 'default' interface to fall back to when the AP VLAN group is no longer in use or is not configured.  For my use of AP VLAN groups, since I have yet to have an instance where I DON'T have an overriding mapping, I simply place my SSIDs on the default management interface since my grouping will override this.


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