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WLC 2112 with 1252 APs, poor roaming and load balancing

I have a 2112 WLC and four 1252 access points in a building and am getting very poor

load balancing / client roaming performance.

We'll commonly see situations with a client unable to associate with an access point that is closest, but rather instead is associating with an access point all the way across the building (and getting poor RF signal, of course) even when an AP that's only ten feet away has perhaps one or two (mostly idle) clients associated with it, as shown in the WLC 2112's web GUI.

It's as if the AP being allowed for the client to associate with is completely random, and even though "Roaming Aggressiveness"  is set to max in the client, it hardly ever picks the best candidate.

Additionally, often the clients will get randomly disconnected for no apparent reason at all, and the user has to manually reconnect.

The clients are all Panasonic Toughbooks with Intel 4965AG integrated WiFi interfaces. We're running the latest available Intel ProSET WiFi drivers and application, version (13-Jan 2010).

There is only one single WLAN/SSID defined in the WLC 2112  and all the APs are in the default group assigned to this WLAN/SSID.

I've upgraded the  firmware in the WLC to 5.2.193 from the original shipped version (5.1.1), but it has not helped any.

Any ideas?

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Re: WLC 2112 with 1252 APs, poor roaming and load balancing

I have the same Toughbooks and drivers running in my environment.  I haven't heard many goods things about 5.x code.  I would recommend running (safe harbor) or (assurewave).  I was experiencing your exact problem a few years back with certain Cisco code versions untill I downloaded and have been there every since (I believe in, if it aint broke, don't upgrade it).  Hope this helps.

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