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WLC 2504 and cisco 3750 - unable to ping anything beyond cisco poe switch

Hi everyone, Can anyone help me please.

I have a following setup.

Cisco WLC 2504

SSID-  Guest

Interface name – guest        Interface ip address –

Interface name -  management    Interface ip address

WLC2504’s  port 1 is connected to port 24 of cisco 3750.


On Cisco 3750 I have a following config.

Int vlan 2 -  ip address /24

Ports 1 to 20 on cisco switch are set to access vlan 2.  

Int vlan 10 – ip address

Int g22 -  no switchport -  ip address

Int g24 is set as trunk link to port 1 of WLC and it carries vlans 2 and 10.

Ip route 


For internet connection clients have purchased  virgin media broadband and I have been supplied with a virgin media superhub (unfortunately due to firmware issue I am not able to convert this superhub to modem only mode. I will check with tech support what my options are).   But as  it stands this superhub has lan IP of  . Basically this superhub has 4 port switch built in. so I have connected one of the port to int g22 of cisco 3750.


If I connect a laptop to one of this ports on superhub I can get onto internet without any problem.  If I connect a Cisco switch to the lan port I can ping google,  etc if provide the dns server settings on the switch. So Cisco switch is able to connect to outside world via this superhub.


As I have a dhcp scope configured on cisco switch for vlan 2 and vlan 10 ranges, if  I connect my laptop into one of the ports on cisco switch, I am getting IP address in range from DHCP server.    


Now my problem is… From my laptop I can ping (int g22 ip address) on cisco switch. I can also ping other SVI ip addresses but I simply can not ping (ip address of lan interface of superhub). 


I just can’t work out why I can’t reach beyond Cisco Switch.   


My access points do receive IP address from range when connected to  ports 1 to 20 on Cisco switch.  My wireless devices are able to connect to ssid guest without any problem and wireless clients receive ip address from data vlan 10 ( range) .. But these client can’t ping wireless controller IP addresses  or  .  At times I have been able to ping but more often then not it doesn’t work.. however before I try and diagnose this wireless issue I am stuck with Lan connection problem described above.


I hope all that makes sense and someone is able to suggest some sort of solution.

Thanks. Regards. 


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Hi,Your superhub doesn't know


Your superhub doesn't know about your subnets and so you need to add a route for these two subnets on your superhub with next hop ip



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Your AP should be in another

Wait a second ... You've got multiple VLANs.  This means you need IP routing enabled on a Layer 3 device.  Where is your config there?

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Thank you Leo.. Its 3750 with

Thank you Leo.. Its 3750 with ipbase image so its capable of routing and I have a routing enabled.. In fact just to make sure I manually typed "IP routing" as well.   When I type show IP route I can see the routes to all the ,  and show as connected and th gateway of last resort set as    I don't have config right now as I am not at work but I will post the config when I get to site again. 

Thanks. Regards. 



Hi,Your superhub doesn't know


Your superhub doesn't know about your subnets and so you need to add a route for these two subnets on your superhub with next hop ip



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Thanks Christos. That sort of

Thanks Christos. That sort of makes sense. I will that a go tomorrow.   Why am I able to ping external websites if I send pings from the switch itself?  Is it because superhub sees pings coming from and replies without any problem...


When you ping external

When you ping external websites from the switch,the source address is which is in the same subnet with your superhub.




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Thanks. Christos.  I will get

Thanks. Christos.  I will get back here with the outcome after I try it out.  I can't wait to get onsite and try this out. 

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I have had a go at adding

I have had a go at adding static routes but it seems like firmware on superhub is problematic.. It won't allow me to add any static routes.  Screen goes blank when I click on save and then it does not save any static routes.  I am trying to liaise with the Virginmedia tech support to see what they can suggest.  


However now I have another problem.  Now I when I connect wirelessly I can't ping anything..not even its default gateway.   Yet I always receive the IP address from DHCP server without any problem. 

DHCP server is setup on the switch itself and the pool is...

Pool one is for data vlan (vlan for wireless clients)  /24 with default gateway   of    (which is interface vlan 10 IP address on the switch. 


Pool two is for management vlan (vlan that corresponds to management vlan on the WLC. )  and has a range of    with gateway (int vlan 2 ip address on the switch)


As mentioned in one of my earlier posts – WLC has following ip addresses.

Guest ssid interface vlan 10 -  ip /24

Management int vlan 2 ip -

Virtual port –


So when I connect wireless client to my guest ssid I can get the ip address from 10.10.10. 0/24 range without any problem.  Default gateway shows up as  but I can’t ping anything from this wireless client..not even default gateway. 


I will try and post my configs later on today but I am not entirely sure what I need to do to resolve this issue. 


Thanks. Regards

Hi,Try to open superhub gui


Try to open superhub gui with different browser.

Maybe it's a compatibility issue or bug.

What security mode do you use for the guest wlan?

If you have enabled web authentication then you can't access anywhere until you pass the web authentication.

Try to setup an "open" wlan and test it again.

I assume that switch port connection to wlc is in trunk mode.




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Hi Christos, I did try

Hi Christos, I did try superhub GUI with all 3 browsers but had no joy.   Virginmedia tech support will call me at some point to discuss. 

Switch port connection to WLC is a trunk with vlans 2 and 10 allowed. 

I did use a web authentication and when I set it up on my desk it was all working. I could get to webauthentication page without any problem.  Now that its in a rack I am not able to ping even a gateway or management ip address from wireless clients.   So I can't get to web authentication page IP either.   I will try it without web authentication next. 

Hi,Web page IP is the virtual


Web page IP is the virtual,not the management ip.

That ip you should type in order to be redirected to the web page.

After successful auth you should be able to ping the dg and the rest network .



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Yes. you are correct Christos

Yes. you are correct Christos.   I think whilst making changes I have messed things up.. in my original design I had as a virtual port and as a management ip on the controller.   I need to check all that and get the configs so that I can post it here.  I just haven't had a chance to visit the site for 2 days. Thanks. Regards. 

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Hi Christos, Yes you were

Hi Christos, Yes you were absolutely correct.. Whilst trying to diagnose the superhub problem I managed to get myself into quite a tangle.

I have been able to authenticate from wireless clients using the web authentication page.  It seems like as I don't have internal DNS server and I am get out via superhub I have to type  (all of that) before I can load the web auth page.  

Is that also the reason why I am not redirected to "web auth" page automatically?  

Thank you for all your help so far Christos.   Much appreciated.   Thanks. Regards

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Hi Christos, All working now.

Hi Christos, All working now.  I am running RIP between Superhub and my switch and that fixed the routing issue.  Everything is working fine now.  Thank you for all your help. Regards. 

I'm glad i could help!

I'm glad i could help!

As said please add a static

As said please add a static route between the two subnet with the default gateway address as

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