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WLC 2504 problems with one IP address range

I am having an interesting issue configuring a new 2504.

How it is setup:

Port 1 management with vlan tagging on vlan 111

Port 2 trunking with ap-manager2 on vlan 3, 102 on vlan 102 (Not ap-manager), and 1001 on vlan 1001.

All of the vlans have distinctive and unique IP ranges. Vlan 111 is running 172.16.128 /20, 102 is 172.19.252 /23 and vlan 1001 should be running 172.17 /16.

Here is my problem. I can setup all of the dynamic interfaces on the appropriate ip ranges, but for some reason when I configure the 1001 vlan dynamic interface with the /16 address space, I lose connectivity to the GUI managment interface. I have to go in through the CLI and remove the interface or change the IP range. I have tried other /16 address space on that vlan and do not have a problem with them. the 172.17 space appears to be the only one that will not work.

I have attached the config from the controller (Minus some site specific stuff like the SNMP community and wpa stuff.) The config is using a 172.20 /16 right now on the 1001 interface so that I could get into the controller and download the config. It should be 172.17 /16. The acutal IP info should be

My computer is on the 1001 vlan and I have verified the IP is not in use and am using the same subnet, gateway etc as I am trying to configure the wlc with.

Switch config:

Port 1 is plugged into g0/2 with the following config

interface GigabitEthernet0/2

switchport trunk allowed vlan 1,3,102,111,1001

switchport mode trunk

spanning-tree portfast

Port 2 is plugged into fa0/47 and just has switchport mode trunk.

How can I get the interface to work with the proper IP range for vlan 1001?

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Re: WLC 2504 problems with one IP address range

It would be simpler to keep the ap-manager tied to the management interface. Breaking the ap-manager seems to always be problematic. Trunk all ports and allow the vlan's for the specific ports.

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WLC 2504 problems with one IP address range

On the first port the management interface is still set as an ap-manager. The cisco config guide (and the warning messages on the controller) said that you have to have a management interface on each port so I created a dummy ap-manager for the second port.

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WLC 2504 problems with one IP address range

I finally had a chance to fiddle around with this issue again and have some more information on the problem. It appears to not be an issue with the IP address, but rather with the VLAN. The subnet is on VLAN 1001 which it appears the WLC does not care for. This problem is repeatable on the following versions of code that I have tried: (Not in use for production until we upgrade from WCS to Prime.)

Any thoughts? Moving the 1001 VLAN to another number would be a HUGE undertaking so if there is not an answer within the firmware on the WLC, I will have to bridge two VLANs with bpdufilter enabled... Not my first choice for sure...

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WLC 2504 problems with one IP address range

I have a few clients with vlan ID's in the 1100's with no issues. 



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