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WLC 2504 Web reauthentication issues

We recently facing web reauthentication issue with cisco 2504 wireless controller. While a user going out of wireless network and coming back he have to authenticate again.We tried all the session timeouts settings in the controller but still the problem persist.


Is any way to keep the webauthentication session ?


You would need to adjust the

You would need to adjust the User Idle Timeout. By default this is set to 300 seconds ( 5 minutes). Once the user has been off the WLC, or not passing any traffic they are removed from the MSCB at this interval.


Do be careful if you decide to adjust this timer, as it affects all users of the WLC, and if you push it out to far you can have issues with clients connecting




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The User Idle Timeout: When a

The User Idle Timeout: When a user is idle without any       communication with the LAP for the amount of time set as User Idle Timeout, the       client is deauthenticated by the WLC. The client has to reauthenticate and       reassociate to the WLC. It is used in situations where a client can drop out       from its associated LAP without notifying the LAP. This can occur if the       battery goes dead on the client or the client associates move away. For configuration help you can see the below config guide.

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