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WLC 4404 Etherchannel to two Catalyst 6513


I have a WLC 4404 with 4 x Gig ports. I have two of the ports etherchannel to my primary Catalyst 6513. I want to connect the two other ports on my WLC to my secondary Catalyst 6513 for redundancy. Do I just create an etherchannel on my secondary Catalyst 6513? Or do I have do to set a configuration on my WLC so that all 4 Gig ports don't think they are part of the same etherchannel?



Re: WLC 4404 Etherchannel to two Catalyst 6513


You can only run one 'instance' of EtherChannel from a WLC, so generally this means you can connect your WLC to different switches within a stack, or in your case, different blades within a Chassis, but you can't use this to connect the WLC to multiple chassis'.

If homing to the 2x 6513 is a mandatory requirement, then you'll have to go down the route of spanning tree. This will also require that you create an additional three AP-Manager interfaces (giving a total of four) and then assign one AP-Manager to each physical interface on the 4404.

Changing from LAG Mode (Etherchannel) to a version of Spanning Tree will require a reboot of the WLC.

Also remember that you must always have at least three of your four WLC links active - one physical 4404 interface can only support 48 Access Points. Access Points will roughly load-balance themselves across the available interfaces on the WLC.



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