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WLC 5508 Firmware Upgradation

Hi All,

WLC 5508 - current firmware is running on it. we need add couple of 2700 series AP. From the release notes i got know 2700 series supported on the 7.6.120.x and later.

- whereas 7.6.120.x is the latest one in the train. can we have this firmware on the controller as its latest??

- from the release notes - we can have a direct upgrade to, upgrading from 7.0.x.x to 7.6.120.x missing so many version in between. any potential problems i may get ??

- FUS (Field upgrade software is necessary) which version and how it can be installed ??





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Hi Channa,Go for the 7.6.130

Hi Channa,

Go for the (7.6MR3) when it is available to public. To be released within next couple of weeks.If you need to do this before 7.6MR3 comes then you can get pre-release of that code via TAC. Refer below for that.

Yes, you have to upgrade your FUS, It is recommended to go for v Below will give you the upgrade procedure. Better to do it via CLI & allocate 30-45min downtime for this upgrade


Feature wise there are lots of feature available in 7.6.x compare to 7.0.x.  But I do not expect any problem going from 7.0.x to 7.6.x as long as you upgrade your FUS first.


Also read these compatibility matrix to see all your AP models are supporting by this 7.6.x code & any other PI or MSE compatibility if you have those.




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Hi Rasika,Thanks for your

Hi Rasika,

Thanks for your reply.

is it recommended to install FUS first before going ahead with software up-gradation.?






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Hi Channa,There is no order

Hi Channa,

There is no order on this (you can do either way smiley). I normally do it prior to WLC software upgrade 

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Cisco Employee

Current Software

Current Software Release
Upgrade Path to Software

7.0.x releases

You can upgrade directly to

Note If you have VLAN support and VLAN mappings defined on H-REAP access points and are currently using a 7.0.x Cisco WLC software release that is prior to, we recommend that you upgrade to the release and then upgrade to to avoid losing those VLAN settings.

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