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WLC 5508 upgrade


Actually, I work with wlc version, I saw some new version, could you suggest to me one if you have already tested it . For the new version IPV6 is required.

furthermore, for don't lost all the configuration could you tell me how I can make a backup?



WLC 5508 upgrade appears to be the latest, but it's a maintenance release from

Making a backup is simpe, log onto the GUI go to "Commands" -> "Upload File" select File Type "Configuration"  then TFTP to a server.

Follow the same steps but use "Download File" to restore.



WLC 5508 upgrade

If there is an IPv6 client ,You do not need to do anything on the WLC beyond what is done for  webauth on IPv4. Just make sure that your infrastructure supports IPv6,  and that if you use  DNS for the redirection (virtual gateway address  pointing to a DNS entry), that the server correctly returns the AAA  record for it. This is the typical point of failure, as an IPv6 only  client may not be able to use an IPv4 only DNS server; it depends on how  it is set up.

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WLC 5508 upgrade

Could you suggest to me one  version that's latest then 7.2 which works correctly because I don't want make a bad choice

WLC 5508 upgrade

Hello Sali,

As per your query i can suggest you the following solution-

Please refer to the link to know latest version where WLC 5508 will which work correctly

Hope this will help you.

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Re: WLC 5508 upgrade


It's hard to tell you which code to use. You really need to figure out what features you want and make sure your other devices are compatible with the code you choose. Usually the latest on each train is pretty good, but that may not always be the case. Type of access points also affect what works well and what doesn't. As far as ipv6, here is a support doc that goes through that and also here is a link to the compatibility matrix.

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