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WLC 5760 local webauth problem in iphone

I am try to use the local webauth by Cisco 5760

In the NB,MAC,Android it can authentication , but when i use iphone to test the webauth

When I enter the username and password and submit , iphone just only white screen , it does not show authentication success

What is my problem



My webauth config

aaa authentication login local_webauth local
aaa authorization network default local 

parameter-map type webauth global

 type authbypass
 virtual-ip ipv4
parameter-map type webauth test
 type authbypass

wlan Web 1 Web

 client vlan VLAN0100
 no security wpa
 no security wpa akm dot1x
 no security wpa wpa2
 no security wpa wpa2 ciphers aes
 security web-auth
 security web-auth authentication-list local_webauth
 security web-auth parameter-map test
 session-timeout 1800
 no shutdown

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After you get the blank white

After you get the blank white screen, are you able to access the wireless or not.  I ask this, because its either an issue with the success page or maybe and issue with the portal page.

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When I get the white screen

When I get the white screen,the iphone did not access the wireless

But i use another device ,like win7 or android it can work fine


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Hi,I experience the same


I experience the same problem. We are using a Cisco WLC 5760. Did you guys have any luck solving this issue?


Thank you.

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Web-auth redirect failed with

Web-auth redirect failed with IPad/IPhone 8.0/8.1 for pop-up window

The Customer got the blank page after typing the username and password with safari pop-up window.

IPad/Iphone 8.* with pop-up window.

Using safari without pop-up window or third party browser which can work fine

Further Problem Description:
My testing topology:

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I am having the same problem

I am having the same problem, has anyone heard of a solution.
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wondering if you have tried

wondering if you have tried following


what code are you running on 5760

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