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We are planning on installing a WLC 4402 and about a half dozen 1131 AP on our network and over time about 6 more APs will be installed. The WLC and APs will be connected to a new HP switch which supports VLANs but not layer 3 switching/routing. Our network is simple and consists of a private IP class C network. In preparation for deploying the hardware I've been reading some tech docs and the Cisco 440X Series Wireless LAN Controllers Deployment Guide, which has been very helpful.

The guide talks about multiple VLANs and IP addresses from another network assigned to the VLANs, Management interface and the DHCP server on another IP network. Our goal is simple and to use the APs for wireless throughout our building on our class C network and use the WLC for centralized management.

I would like to know if all the VLANs and IP addresses as shown in the guide is necessary for what we need to accomplish?

Thanks for any help.



Re: WLC and VLANs

Have you configured the DHCP server in Interfaces section under the controller menu? You'll need to change the DHCP Server in both the AP-Manager and Management interfaces.

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Re: WLC and VLANs

Hey Jeff,

In my, they are not that necessary, depending on the scope of your plans. VLANs can do a lot in terms of security, but if your network is properly segmented and protected, you won't need them.

What you do need to plan out, and do so very carefully, is the security of that network. Wireless is a HUGE hole in your network perimeter unless you properly configure it. WPA2 should be a requirement at the bare minimum.

If you'd like more info and feedback, feel free to post more details about your plans, and we should be able to help some more.

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Re: WLC and VLANs

My opinoin is that since this is a new install to do it right. Have the 4402 on the management vlan (create one if you don't have one already)and you can place your ap's on the same subnet also to make it simple. Create another vlan for the wireless users, because you will have issues if you have wireless users on a wired subnet. So you will have to have 3 subnets, one for management, one for wired and one for wireless.

The guide is correct!

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Re: WLC and VLANs

As for subnets/VLANs, I think there should be one for each Wireless Network (WLAN), so that traffic is isolated (e.g. internal WLAN, guest WLAN, department WLAN, etc).

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