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New Member

WLC excluding client with reason Identity Theft


Gear: 5508 (7.4.100) + AIR-CAP3502I-E-K9 (all in local mode)

Setup: 2 SSIDs: SSID1 (802.1x - PEAP/MSCHAP v2) and SSID2 (Webauth)

Issue: Encountered an issue where a client (Windows phone 8.1) which used to work fine was unable to connect to SSID1. It has been working fine until yesterday. From the client debug, I see that it authenticates fine and goes to DHCP_REQD (although on client device I see the IP, it has the Ip from the correct subnet) but do not get and IP and I see the following:

'Ignoring assoc request due to mobile in exclusion list or marked for deletion'

When looked on the WLC, I see the reason of exclusion as 'Identity Theft' and following message:

'Client Excluded: MACAddress: xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx Base Radio MAC :xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx Slot: 0 User Name: host/ Ip Address: unknown Reason:Attempted to use IP Address assigned to another device. ReasonCode: 3'

I checked on the DHCP server to see if there is any IP conflict but found none. I released the IP of this client from DHCP server and tried to reconnect, issue still persists.

As of now, only this client has reported issues, but I see a couple more clients on the WLC with same message as the reason for exclusion. It would be helpful if anyone could let me know more info about that error code/message and how should I approach this issue?

Also, as soon as I enable debug client on the WLC, it floods the terminal session with following messages:

*apfMsConnTask_3: Sep 23 12:12:02.527: Stats update: Non Zero value

*apfMsConnTask_3: Sep 23 12:12:02.527: Stats update: Non Zero value

*apfMsConnTask_3: Sep 23 12:12:02.527: Stats update: Non Zero value

*apfMsConnTask_3: Sep 23 12:12:02.527: Stats update: Non Zero value

I don't believe this has to do anything with the issue at hand, however I would like to know what does this mean and how can I stop this?




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