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WLC failover local and WAN

I have a primary WLC at Site A (one of the remote site) and dhcp server is local.

The secondary WLC is at site B (HUB data center)..

Now, the issue is with the failover.

During the failover test when the primary WLC(Local controller) goes down all the access point are associated to the secondary WLC (HUB controller) as expected ,but users are facing issue in getting ip address from DHCP scope ,since we don’t have any DHCP information in the HUB controller.

As a work around for this issue we have created a new vlan with all the DHCP information what the local controller has and mapped the SSID to that Vlan in the HUB controller by creating a AP group and  it worked as expected.

how do i make dhcp work in such scenarios ?

Regards Vinayak
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Re: WLC failover local and WAN

For failover to work properly the configs between the primary and secondary/tertiary should match. So what you've done is the correct way to get failover to work. I would just create the same ap group at the primary so that the ap don't dump their group config when awitching between them.


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WLC failover local and WAN

If I enable flex connect, i do not have to create dhcp scope...The AP's can associate to local controller and failover to hub controller..can you explain how this works ?

Regards Vinayak
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WLC failover local and WAN

#for flexconnect data central switching, dhcp request hit the controller and it proxy/bridges the dhcp packet per configuration. On wlc failover, if external dhcp used then it must be configured on the respective wlan-vlan interfaces on all possible WLCs, if internal internal dhcp is used be sure to configure non overlapping dhcp scope on each wlc.

#for flexconnect data local switching, dhcp request doesn't hit the controller and it is forwarded/bridged locally at the site, so dhcp server can be local at the site or anywhere as along as the wlan mapped vlan at the site is reachable to that server.

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