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WLC - Granular AP configuration

Hi everybody,

I'm using WLC2500 with about 24 AP 1602e and 1602i.

My need is to disable 802.11a globally and enable "granularly" only for a few APs.

How can I achieve this? My impression is that you can enable/disable 802.11x networks only in a global way.

Thank you in advance

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If you want to disable 802

If you want to disable 802.11a/n then there are several method you can choose from.


The easiest way is to go to Wireless > 802..11a/n > Network and untick "802.11a Network Status".

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But this will disable the

I've already disabled 802.11a/n network! Now, my need is to enable it only on a few APs!

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So what you are trying to do

So what you are trying to do is have a selected APs with 802.11a enabled? 


If this is the case, then re-enable 802.11a again.  


The solution you seek is called "RF Profile" and it's part of the "AP Groups". 


Otherwise, you can manually disable 802.11a on a per-AP method.

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