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WLC Guidelines L3 Transport Mode and functionality


I'm implementing a LWAPP Solution and I would like to have some confirmation about LWAPP solution

If I understand right all the traffic from the WLAN client have to pass through the dynamic interface of the controller and there are no

opportunity to configure it in another way...

Best Practises suggest that LWAPP AP should be placed in a different VLAN (IP Subnet) from the LWAPP WLAN client and to use LWAPP L3 Transport Mode...

Which are the drawback if I put the LWAPP APs on the same VLAN(IP Subnet) as the LWAPP APs? If I implement the solution in this way I can still configure

LWAPP L3 transport Mode or it isn't working???

Thanks for sharing your opinion


Re: WLC Guidelines L3 Transport Mode and functionality

Actually, Layer 2 LWAPP mode is considered depreciated by Cisco. Also, only 4400 controllers support Layer-2 LWAPP discovery. 2000 series WLCs doesn't.

The reason why Layer-3 LWAPP is preferable than Layer-2 LWAPP is "Layer-3 LWAPP discovery involves a series of steps in its algorithm and finds the candidate list of controller in different ways like DHCP option43, OTAP, DNA etc..,

Layer-2 LWAPP discovery just uses one method of controller discovery that is by using layer-2 broadcast in a LWAPP frame. Since, layer-3 lwapp uses a series of controller discovery methods, it is more secured and reliabel than layer-2 LWAPP mode.

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