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WLC License HA or floating model


I am getting ready to purchase a large number of controllers for sites around the world. Because of geographic/bandwidth reasons, it is not practical to do N+1 redundancy worldwide. I need to do N+1 (most sites will be 2 5508 controllers) redundancy in each major site. With that being said, I am going to be purchasing twice the number of AP licenses as I need solely for the purpose of HA...

Does anyone know of any plans to run a "floating" license model where we could pool worldiwde licenses (think ISE endpoint licensing), OR a plan for an "HA/Secondary" controller. This would be a controller that serves no purpose but to backup another controller.

Because of the # of APs that can be hosted on the 5508s I can not justify purchasing numerous controllers, just for additional HW redundancy.

Any info would help, thanks!!

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WLC License HA or floating model

Why not enable H-REAP?

You put a controller at the site, enable H-REAP and install a local authentication.  If your controller should fail, the WAPs will continue to service new and existing clients until your WLC is replaced.

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WLC License HA or floating model

These are spread out worldwide (AM,EU,APAC,China). The local site with the controller will be local, and wan sites in e region will be HREAP. For a variety of reasons including latency/bandwidth (even with MPLS), Internet, and not wanting to enable 60 countries on the controllers we have made the decision to keep the controllers in the same region.

However, those reasons mean I am buying 2 of everything. I do not mind buying 2 pieces of hw, we are just having a hard time buying 2x licenses.

We ran into this with Asa Ssl VPN licenses, and those share now. Same with ncs, ISE, the licenses are shared worldwide. MSE and wlc is the only thing still with licenses tied to hw with no ha option.

Since I am getting ready to place such a large order was wondering if anyone has herd anything. I saw online rumors about licensing sharing in wlc 8...

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