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WLC Upgrade problems (disable unit)


I am complete rookie in the wireless area. I have to implement a mesh wireless network and a WLC 4404 was given to me.

I started the WLC, configured a few IPs, country, etc, and then I rebooted the unit.

When rebooting I got this error, when services are starting:

- Starting LOCP: LOCP Key not found (error).    (after this the WLC stops and I can´t do anything more)

I then decided to upgrade the image via CLI, while pressing the ESC button on startup (from to K9-6-0-182-0.aes) and getting the following menu:

    Boot Options

Please choose an option from below:

1. Run primary image (version (active)
2. Run backup image (version
3. Manually update images
4. Change active boot image
5. Clear Configuration

Please enter your choice: 

I chose option 3, put some IPs and before upgrading it stated the following:

You have entered:
IP address     :
Netmask        :
Gateway        :
Server IP Addr :

Is this Correct (Y/n)? y

!!! WARNING updating using .aes or unapproved files will disable this unit !!!

So the WLC doens´t boot and I can not upgrade to an .aes image, but all images are .aes.

Any ideias on how to upgrade the RTOS of the WLC to 6-0-182-0.aes, or on how to boot it normally with the original image?

Thanks in advanced,

Joao Ribau   

P.S. - does anyone know of a good doc on mesh networks?

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Re: WLC Upgrade problems (disable unit)

I think (emphasis on the word "think") I may know where the problem lies.

You said "implement a mesh wireless network and a WLC 4404" but the firmware you are using is  This version is for standard LWAPP/CAPWAP and not a valid Mesh firmware.

Hope this helps.

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