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WLC url-redirect

Using FreeRadius to do Mac authentication Bypass with External URL redirect.  I have confirmed that I'm sending cisco AV-pair for url-redirect, and the WLC shows the client having that url applied(along with the url-redirect-acl that I've applied)

My issue, the URL presented to the client doesn't have the action_URL appended when I apply it via 802.1x.  If I change the SSID and force external webauth I get a good URL to the client(generally http://<SITE>?action_URL= or something similar).  How can I use url-redirect to force authentication with the proper action_URL appended?

WLC 5508 with 7.2 code

FreeRadius running on CentOS

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WLC url-redirect


forgive my ignorance, but can you please put a format of what is the configured URL to redirect to, what is the URL that appear on the client and what URL you want to appear.



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Re: WLC url-redirect

Sorry for the new life,

Did you get redirect working. I'm looking to do URL redirect on switches with another radius. Thanks.

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Re: WLC url-redirect

Hello Jeremy,

As per your query i can suggest you the following solution-

Configure WLC Splash Page Redirect with the information to configure the features described.

Complete these steps in order to configure the devices to use the splash page redirect feature:

1.Configure the WLC for RADIUS authentication through the Cisco Secure ACS server.

2.Configure the WLANs for the Admin and Operations departments.

3.Configure the Cisco Secure ACS to support the splash page redirect feature.

For more reference refer to the link-

Hope this will help you.

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