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WLC Utilization



Is there are any command to check the statistics on Wi-Fi usage & utilization on WLC?


Like during the duration from DD/MM/YY to DD/MM/YY , how many clients got connected ,to which they AP connected to and what was the bandwidth they got and what is the utilization. 

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WLC or any Network device

WLC or any Network device would face many difficulties to keep track of all this information and keep historical data for long. But you can manually gather this data often via SNMP. You can check this post here for more details :

Cisco WLC SNMP Historical User Statistics Monitoring

For this Network Management Applications are there, like to manage WLC there is Cisco Prime Infrastructure which can give you stats from controller. There are other third party applications as well, which can give you insight on your requirement.

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Hi,Go through below link for


Go through below link for complete guide of your case.

According to CCDA, the

According to CCDA, the recommended ration is 20 clients per AP.  I have seen up to 30 on an AP just fine, but it gets rough if you go much higher.  I also think it depends on how many data streams or flows are actually happening and what the data type is.  Because wireless is a shared medium, the more clients you have, the worse it'll get.  With that in mind.  If you have Voice going on over wireless, that may be an issue as well.

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