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WLC Wireless Managment Question

Hello All,

I have a few questions regarding wireless technologies.

I have around 20 Aironet 1242 AG Cisco AP's and I have NOT a WLC. Also 5 different SSID and VLAN configured on each 1242AG AP.

The thing I want to do is any time that guests come to the office we have to provide the Internet SSID password. I notice in a lot of places I go they give you a temporal access code maybe for a day and after that it remove that access code.

1- Do I need a WLC in order to do this option or it could be done on the AP by itself?

2- I am not sure if Cisco Aironet 1242AG AP are discontinued, if it so, can I buy a WLC compatible with the 1242AG and if I buy new AP it will be compatible with the new one too ?

Thank you so much for all your help !!!!

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Hi, 1 - I'm not sure this can



1 - I'm not sure this can be done on the WLC or the AP. It is usually handled by another device.


2 -  Yes, Cisco Aironet 1242AG AP are discontinued.

The latest version of WLC ( release 7.6) supports 1240 family and the new ones as well :




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Thank you for your reply. It

Thank you for your reply. It was helpful to me.


Hi,Please find the answers as


Please find the answers as below.

1) With standalone AP's you can provision guest access. Please see the link below which details the step by step procedure. Please be aware that you need to have IOS image 15.2(4)JA1 or above for this to work.But if you want a full blown guest access provisioning (like flashy landing page, auditing requirement etc...) it is recommended to go with WLC based solution.

2) AP1242AG can be converted to lightweight mode. You will not have any problem with compatibility as in most cases as most of the WLC's support new model of AP's.

Hope that helps



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Thank you so much for your

Thank you so much for your reply.

I have 12.40 IOS version and not Cisco subscription for download the last image.

Then I need a WLC if I want to create temporally guest user ?

The link you provided was very good but I need to update my image.

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