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WLC2106 and the more LWAP setup


i have one WLC2106 and 4 LWAPs 1130AG

LWAPs are connected into the four ports of the 3750 switch. WLC is connected into this 3750 trough port 1 as well

Accooding to manual 2106 supports 6 APs, and has 8*100MB distr. ports

But i have connected only port one into the switch.

How can I use the others ports ?

In the manual is said that to support more that one AP you have to configure one AP-manger per port.

But 2106 allows only one AP-manager

if i would have 6 AP that ends up in one 100 MB port in WLC ( LWAP through 3750 switch ), it would mean that all AP's with the clients sahre only 100 MB port of the WLC.

Am i missing something ?

How can i configure 2106 to use one distrib. port per one AP ( through 3750 switch )?

thank you


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Re: WLC2106 and the more LWAP setup


There will usually only ever be a single uplink to the wired network and this is typically through Port 1. The same situation exists for the 4400 series although ports can be aggregated on these controllers.

Typically then you will have a single 100Mb link to the wired network with access points either connected directly to the 2106 or via an intermediate layer 2 switch.

You only need a single AP Manager - this is the interface that the controller uses to communicate with the APs.

No matter how many APs on the wireless network - your uplink will remain the same at 100Mb in the case of the 2106.

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