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wlc2106 with directly attached ap


I'm trying to set up a simple configuration with WLC2106 ver and two LWAP1131 connected to port 7 and 8 (PoE) on WLC2106.

I have only these interfaces:

ap-manager: untagged port 1

management: untagged port 8


I have set up a local dhcp scope on the 2106 wich gives out ip

I have my pc ( connected at port 1 = management and I'm able to control the 2106 from gui (https).

Also I have connected one AP1131 to port 8 (tried both with external power and also using PoE).

I am not able to get dhcp to work - I get these error messages on the controller:

Sun Jun 1 16:17:06 2008: 00:19:e8:6b:2d:b0 DHCP received op BOOTREQUEST (1) (len 584, port 8, encap 0xec00)

Sun Jun 1 16:17:06 2008: 00:19:e8:6b:2d:b0 DHCP dropping packet from AP 00:19:e8:6b:2d:b0 received on port 8, vlan 0


Is this setup feasible?

Is it possible to connect directly AP to controller and to get dhcp and will AP discover wlc without option43 or dns?

When setting this up is it correct to have interfaces untagged or should management and ap-manager be on a vlan?

(if I try to setup with vlan I loose connectivity to my pc)

As I got problems with dhcp I put static ip on the AP but I'm still not able to get AP to join controller:

AP#sho lwapp ip config

LWAPP Static IP Configuration

IP Address

IP netmask

Default Gateway

Primary Controller

I have tried to find configuration guide for this but it seems like this simple setup not is supported. Everything

seems to include a external dhcp and switch with vlan trunk. I thought this should be possible as the wlc2106 is setup with 8 switchports.

regards rolf

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Re: wlc2106 with directly attached ap

Have you tried to set the management port to port 2. You have it on port 8 and also you have an ap on that port. Also you should https to the management port and IP.

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Re: wlc2106 with directly attached ap

Sorry - I did a typo in the setup - this is the correct:

management: untagged port 1

ap-manager: untagged port 8

I also tried to use port 2 as the ap-manager connecting the ap with external power, but still no joy.

regards rolf

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Re: wlc2106 with directly attached ap

Hi Rolf,

I had the exact same issue as you with this device. It is not obvious what to do and I ended up opening a TAC case to have it resolved. The big thing to remember is that the WLC cannot hand out the DHCP address to the AP, and the DHCP request is going to pass out the ap-manager port and vlan if it is configured.

Below is the answer of the TAC engineer and it works:

To configure this please open the GUI/ go to Controller/ Interfaces/ ap-manager/ under DHCP information configure the IP address of the primary DHCP server, you should also be aware that the APs plugged into port 7 and 8 are going to get an IP address from the same range that the ap-manager, so in order to this to work both the ap-manager and the DHCP should be on the same subnet.

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