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WLC4402 and new DHCP scope

Hello all,

Currently I have WLC4402 and has internal DHCP scope for wireless client.  The problem is this scope is running out of ip address soon and the

bad side is I can not expand this scope since it will conflict with another scopes.  This DHCP scope is same subnet with ASA and the ASA is

acting as gateway for internet traffic.  Let say subnet and ASA is  Since this scope can not be expanded.  Is there

a way to workaround to setup another scope and using ASA as gateway for internet traffic? Let say for new scope.

The WLC current mode is Layer3 operating mode.

Thank you.


Re: WLC4402 and new DHCP scope

This could work if you created a new dynamic interface for the new subnet and used AP-Groups to apply this interface to certain AP's.  This really isn't a great design though.  The controllers don't support secondary IP addresses.

Community Member

Re: WLC4402 and new DHCP scope

Hi Dancampb,

Thank you for replying and it sounds interesting.  I am just a bit lost or not quiet understand fully about using AP-Group to apply this

interface to certain APs.  Can you please elaborate more or any reference relate to this will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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