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WLC4402 - IE6 proxy enabled


My customer has a requirement to make use of the web portal on the WLC for his internal staff.

The only problem is that they use an automatic script in their browsers and it does not seem to be working. The users authenticate, but cannot access the Internet.

Any help would be great!




Re: WLC4402 - IE6 proxy enabled

What kind of script is it ?

Typically, if it is a script redirecting to an IP, then it will be hard to make it work. If the script implies an URL instead (that will mean connection to DNS server), then redirection to the authentication could work.

When you write "The users authenticate, but cannot access the Internet", how far do they get ? Do they get an IP address from a DHCP ? Can you debug to describe what happens ?

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Re: WLC4402 - IE6 proxy enabled

It is a windows IE .pac file. They get an IP address and authenticate, but then they cannot access the Internet as the firewall only allows users with a proxy enabled.

Re: WLC4402 - IE6 proxy enabled

Interesting... do you use the last version of the code (MR2, aka 4.0.206) ?

This used to be a problem, but was solved (CSCsf26863 in here ). Clients sould be redirected to the proxy after authenticating... I don't know how their config is, but this is something that can probably be solved without removing the proxy settings. What do the controller trap log tell you when a client connects ?

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