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WLC4404/4402 Configuration for AIR-LAP1242AG-N-K9


I have to setup a new WLAN for mainly Wireless Voice and Data, and the provided Cisco components are as follows:-

1. WLC4404 & 4402, 1 no Each

2. AIR-LAP1242AG-N-K9 - 120 Nos.

3. CP-7921G-A-K9 ( Wireless IP Phone ) - 120 Nos.

4. WCS - with 100+50 Nos License

5. ACS - CSACS-1120-K9 - 1no

I have configured WLC as below:-

# Service Port :-

# Management :-

# AP-Manager :-

# Virtual Gateway:-

# Mobility/RF Group : *****

# SSID:- ******

# Allow Static IP Addess :- No

# RADIUS Server :- No

# AP Transport Mode:- Layer3

# Enable 802.11a/b/g:- Yes

# The DHCP for both Management & Service Port as in Windows 2008 Server.

# All LAP1242 are in segment and getting DHCP IP from Windows Server, those can be found in DHCP Server Lease, and pinging from any node in network.

The Problem:-

The WLC is not recognising any LAP1242, and even I can't login into LAP via Web Console as well as physocal console port provided in the AP itself. I doubt if this WLC 4404/4402 is compatible with LAP 1242Ag series or not. But the login into AP console via Web is not happening is surprising eventhough it is pinging from any node in the network.

Please help me to configure me properly if I'm going wrong. I have tried even by enabling AP Transfer mode as L2 but invain to get the result.



Cisco Employee

Re: WLC4404/4402 Configuration for AIR-LAP1242AG-N-K9

Hi Sujit,

I would advise you to check the config guide of WLCs and config examples showing how to join APs to a controller like :

The lightweight APs don't have a web interface.

To join the controller you basically need to have the APs either in the same subnet as the management ip of WLC or (and it's your case) if they are in another subnet, the DHCP server needs to return the option 43 with the WLC management ip address converted in hexadecimal and prefixed with f104.

A discovery via DNS is also possible but I let the guides explain all that.

Connecting on console on  the AP while they boot should show you what they are doing. You should see if they are succesfful in discovering a controller or not



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