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WLC4404 and 1142 Client DHCP Configuration


I am testing a 4404 with an 1142 AP.  To simulate the realworld, I put the 4404 on VLAN 1 and the AP on VLAN 60.  I have a 4507 switch connecting these two VLANs.

Each VLAN has a DHCP server, with Microsoft providing the services on VLAN 1 and the switch on VLAN 60.

The AP comes up with a 10.60.x.y address and connects to the controller.  I do not want DHCP proxy enabled, as our Windows group handles DHCP servers, so I don't want to reconfigure all the controllers each time a DHCP server changes.  Therefore, I have disabled DHCP proxy.

However, when I use a wireless client to attach to the AP, it pulls a 10.1.x.y address, instead of 10.60.x.y.  I do have full connectivity at this point.

It's almost as if the client traffic is tunneled from the AP to the controller and out through the controller's fiber links onto the LAN, therefore pulling an IP from the Microsoft DHCP server.

Any thoughts on how to get this to work like a traditional AP?

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Re: WLC4404 and 1142 Client DHCP Configuration

Another thread helped me out.  I turned on HREAP Local Switching and got what I wanted.         

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