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New Member

WLC526 Crashing?

Hey guys, hopefully somebody will be able to shead some light of this because I'm all out of ideas.

Recently we have purchased a WLC 526 (wireless controller), CE520 (networking switch) and 6 AAP521.

I managed to get these all working last week in the office before deploying them to their various locations around the site.

The first three AP521's deployed without issue, contacted the WLC526 and were giving out a signal.  However when we went to connect the fourth, the WLC526 stopped responding and has not been right since.

They symptoms are as follow:

The WLC526 can be powered up and hooked up to the network via the management port (port 1) and be accessed via the web admin portal, however as soon as I plug the CE 520 into theo ap-manager port (port 2) on the WLC526 the web admin becomes unresponsive, I have tried this a number of time and it takes about the same amount of time each time for this to happen.

I have tried resetting the WLC526 to factory default and plugging things back in gradually, however the same problem exists.

There is still some form of communciation happening when the web portal in inaccessable as the lights are still blinking.  CCA can not contact the device.

I have also tried unplugging form the management port and just connecting the CE520 to port 2 and a AP to the CE520 (smart ports configured) however the AP's just keep searching.

Has anyone come across anything like this or got any ideas on what it could be?

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