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WLC5508 port shows SFPType 1000baseTX

Hello Cisco Forum users :

My questions are regarding the WLC 5508 port specifications.

Data sheet for 5508 says

Uplink: 8 (5508) 1000BaseT, 1000Base-SX and 1000Base-LH transceiver slots

When using the GLC-T  SFP the WLC 5508 output display show as 1000BaseTX SFP

Seen this same display on various WLC versions from 7.0 - 7.3

Which standard is the port actually ?

Is this just cosmetic show output error with regards to the GLC-T ?

show port summary

Pr  Type   Stat   Mode     Mode      Status   Status  Trap     POE    SFPType   

-- ------- ---- ------- ---------- ---------- ------ ------- ------- ----------

1  Normal  Forw Enable  Auto       1000 Full  Up     Enable  N/A     1000BaseTX

I only have trouble when connecting to CheckPoint FW 480 - will not negotiate

Need to hardcode CP FW to 1000 / full

CP FW port = 10/100/1000 TX same as Cisco 3750 which auto negotiates ok.

Any ideas why the incorrect display or inability to auto with CP FW 480 ?

Thanks for any feedback

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WLC5508 port shows SFPType 1000baseTX

Hi Jim,

Why do you want directly connect 5508 to Checkpoint FW ?  Use a switch & both connect to that switch.



Re: WLC5508 port shows SFPType 1000baseTX

As far as I see only 1gb is supported on the 5508 so maybe the negotiation makes trouble because it will not take place and the firewall don't know which type it should use...I would also suggest a switch in between or a manual setup..

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Re: WLC5508 port shows SFPType 1000baseTX

Thanks for the response but i realize the WLC only supports 1000Base.

I also know will work ok when CP FW hardcoded to 1000/full . Many sites would have to be changed.

No switch available and have many sites with this scenerio and need to connect WLC direct to CP.

Still looking for the answer to why the display on WLC says SFPType = 1000BaseTX  ?

WLC Spec says is 1000BaseT ? 

Does anyone know - is the WLC port 1000BaseT or 1000BaseTX ?

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WLC5508 port shows SFPType 1000baseTX

Does anyone know - is the WLC port 1000BaseT or 1000BaseTX ?

1000BaseT or 1000BaseTx.  They mean the same thing.  Your WLC is using GLC-T SFP module.

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