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Workgroup Bridge Mode versus Non-Root Bridge Mode

I want to connect a 2950 and a couple of end user devices to my wired network without the expense of running fiber since the distance is more than 100 meters.  It is not a great distance.  It is all in the same building on a really long dock.  So perhaps the distance between the wired network and the remote network is 200 meters.  So I am free from environmental conerns like wind/rain/snow.

We've had success setting up a root bridge on the wired network and then connecting the remote switch with a non-root bridge using the 'A' radios on two 1242 access points.

However I'm curious if that is the best way to configure the remote setup.  I have also tested putting the remote AP in Workgroup Bridge Mode and it also works.

I've searched but I cannot find a definite answer on which configuration is better.

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Re: Workgroup Bridge Mode versus Non-Root Bridge Mode

My understanding is that when an AP is in WGB (Workgoup Bridge Mode) it will connect to either a standard access point or a root bridge access point,  it doesn't see them differently and it acts like a wireless client to them (almost the same as a laptop); whereas in non-root bridge mode it will only connect or associate to a root bridge device and it is treated as a transparent (or routed) bridge link.

personally based on what you have described I'd set them up in root and non-root bridge mode configuration.

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