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WPA(2) PSK recover from running config Wlan5500 controller


Is it possible to regain the PSK from the security tab from a 5500 controller in clear text ?

I need to check the current used password without resetting it, but I fail to find the password in the configuration (CLI & web interface)

Obviously I do have admin access to my controller.

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Re: WPA(2) PSK recover from running config Wlan5500 controller

With old browsers when the hidden password was stored as a clear text there wew programs to reveal the asterisks into letters. There was a software called showpass, show password (or somehing similar) to do so.

Modern browsers save the password hashed so you cant reveal the cleartext password via the mentioned tool.

The point that i dont know is if the browser retrieved the cleartext key or not. The wlc would probably hash the PSK before retrieving it is hidden format into the browser.

P.s: the mentioned tool worked for me with IE only for saved password by the browser.

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WPA(2) PSK recover from running config Wlan5500 controller

Only WEP can be recovered from WLC and PSK can't. However, if you have used WCS then it is possible to recover PSK from the template it used to create the wlan. if the WLAN was set up with a WLAN template on WCS and the key had not been changed since the template was created. It may be in the template in the clear.

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