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WPA-PSK and link performance issues on 1310

Hi all,

We have a point-2-point wireless link with use of 2 BR1310G-A-K9-R bridges and antennas Yagi ANT1949. We checked the connectors, realligned the antennas and now get around -61dB signal strength and SNR jumps like a crazy from 20dB to 12dB, what could be causing that? We installed the bridges and antennas very close to huge telecoms antennas, is that could be causing the low SNR values? The throughput the bridges mark are between 18-24Mbps but that also changes all the time. The tried the default and the best throughput settings but that does not change much.

We have around 200 PCs connecting a server on the other side (where we have installed non-root). I deployed WPA-TKIP encryption and we did some tests. WIth around 20 stations connected to the server on the main site (where we have installed root-bridge) we have a very good and stable link. Those 20 PCs generate about 200Kbps traffic and responses from the server are around 2-3ms. Now, when we connect around 200 PCs that generate around 2.5Mbps the link saturates very quickly and responses to the server over the link come to 300-500ms and eventually the link goes dead.

Another observation, when we disable the encryption and connect all the 200 PCs, the link seems to be stable and responses from the server are mainteined at around 30ms, it jums occasionaly to 60-70ms but accasionally.

Do you think low values of SNR could be causing this? What can we do in this situation? We cannot leave the client without any security on the wireless link.

Thanks in advance,


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