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Basic troubleshooting for CIAC

If you ever need to troubleshoot something in CIAC, here are a few things you could check before opening a TAC case. These tips might be able to determine if you're running into an issue with Cloud Portal, Process Orchestrator or perhaps with the input/output of a custom service.

In case these don't help, it is recommended to open a TAC case or reach out via the Cisco Support Community.

IssueCloud Portal can't be reached, the webpage times out.
ResolutionMake sure that JBoss is started. Restart if necessary.


A service doesn't get executed properly, nothing seems to happen.

  1. First, make sure that the Tidal Enterprise Orchestrator Server service has started.
  2. In Cloud Portal, go to Service Link -> View Transactions -> Messages
  3. View the action that belongs to your service, see the screenshot below for an example.

4. If you click on the Message Type you'll get more information on the message, see below.

5. The most important things here are the nsXML Message and External Message tab. nsXML Message contains the "raw" XML with all the data from the service. The External Message tab has the info as it is being sent to the external object (like CPO), in a way that the external object can handle it. This is done through XML Transformations, which is outside of our scope here.

5. The most important information is in the agent-parameter section. Make sure that this is the information you want to have sent to the external target. If that's not the case, you will have to modify the service.

6. As shown in the External Message tab, the message has been transformed into a format that CPO can read. Make sure that this information is still correct and as expected. If that's not the case, you will have to check the XML transformations.

7. If this is all correct, make sure that Portal Orchestrator is receiving the message coming from Cloud Portal. If this is not the case, check if the Process Orchestrator is started. Also check any firewall settings as well as the CPO and CCP network settings to make sure the right IP addresses are being used. To troubleshoot further, please open a TAC case or create a topic on Cisco Support Forums.

IssueI'm getting a Java error or a webpage in Cisco Cloud Portal that's not working as expected.
  1. Make sure your browser is supported.
  2. Check the JBoss logs, located under <JBoss directory>\standalone\log. The server.log file has all the general info, furthermore there are some log files specifically for adapters.

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You can also access Portal server logs or property files from Portal itself: Administration\Utilities module.