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Cisco Prime Service Catalog License and Cisco Process Orchestrator Entitlement

When a customer holds Cisco Prime Service Catalog per User license (for IT workplace services), the customer is also entitled to use Cisco Process Orchestrator (CPO) functionality without additional licenses, including the following:

  • Cisco Process Orchestrator Core Functions Adapter
  • Microsoft Windows Adapter (single instance)
  • Microsoft Windows Automation Pack (single instance)
  • Active Directory (AD) Adapter (single instance)
  • AD Automation Pack (single instance)
  • Email Adapter (single instance)
  • Core Automation Pack (single instance)
  • Common Activities Automation Pack (single instance)
  • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Adapter (single instance)
  • Terminal Adapter (single instance)
  • Oracle DB Adapter (two instances)
  • Microsoft SQL Database Adapter (two instances)
  • DB2 DB Adapter (two instances)
  • Generic (OLEDB) DB Adapter (two instances)
  • Web Service Adapter (five instances),
  • VMware vSphere Adapter (five instances)
  • VMware vCloud Director Adapter (five instances)
  • Cisco Service Portal Adapter (single instance)


This information is referenced from the Cisco Prime Service Catalog Data Sheet posted on