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CPO Content Logger

Automation pack which includes Shaun Roberts' version of a Content Logger which allows you to write content information in log format.

This requires CPO 3.0.2 and my Automation Functions Toolkit. You can find that @



Updates -> Changed the way that things are queued and pushed out from the queue to the log files. - > added logging level "NONE". This will fully turn off all logging if you wish.




1) INSTALL_RUN_ME_FIRST -> install content logger service, run this first and only once

2) Set_Configuration_Properties -> allows you to reconfigure properties of the logger

3) Logging_Write_Info -> writes INFO messages to your log files

4) Logging_Write_Error -> writes ERROR messages to your log files

5) Logging_Write_DEBUG -> writes DEBUG messages to your log files

6) Nightly_Log_Cleanup -> deletes files older than you want to keep

7) Queue_Log_Message -> queues up log message to be written

8) Write_Log_Message_Queue -> writes a handful of messages from the log message queue to the actual log files


Please see the VOD to see how to use, install, etc this content.

Please post questions/bugs/etc here or email me directly at