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OpSource Public Cloud - MultiCloud Add-on

OpSource Public Cloud - MultiCloud Add-on


This content pack contains a Cisco Orchestrator automation pack that contains services that enable the use of the OpSource Cloud ( ). There are also several services that replace Multi-Cloud Accelerator services to enable the use of the content.

This content is a good example of the ease of extension of the Multi-Cloud content to other 3rd party cloud providers.

This content was created as part of a proof of concept with a service provider and is therefore incomplete and instructions for use do not exist so investigation of the content and some trial and error is required to utilize.

Note that the Cloud Portal services provided by the Multi-Cloud Accelerator content do not always work with this content. Configuration of Cisco IAC and Multi-Cloud for use with this content is a manual process of manipulating some service items.

Tested Platform

Multi-Cloud Solution Accelerator Kit v1.3