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Can I delete a person from multiple RequestCenter sites?

Can I delete a person from multiple RequestCenter sites?


If I remove a person via Service Community (in the production environment), how do I ensure it gets deleted in the staging environment (where Service Community is not enabled for changes)? Do we do a back-migrate of the ID that was deleted?


Unfortunately, there is no way to automatically propagate (via ServiceMigrate) the deletion of a person between RequestCenter sites. In such cases, we recommend that the person be made inactive. You can then migrate that person record. Please feel free to enter an enhancement request to allow propagation of deletions across sites.

This hasn't been a big issue because
(1) Many RequestCenter implementations use SSO and directory integration to access RequestCenter; removing a person from the corporate LDAP directory effectively bars that person from accessing RequestCenter
(2) You couldn't delete a person anyway, if that person had had any previous interaction with the system, such as ordering a service or performing a task in service fulfillment.

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