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Cancelling a service during authorization

Cancelling a service during authorization

Is there a way for anyone other than the requester to cancel a service or requisition while the request is being authorized?

We were told by newScale PS that the best practice is to cancel requests that are never approved (we are notified by an escalation if the approval).  So once an approval is more than a month old we want to cancel the request so there is not an ever-growing count of ongoing requisitions that will never be fulfilled.

So once service delivery begins and the monitor task is created there is an option to cancel service delivery, but I haven't found any way to perform the cancellation during the authorization moment. 

I've even tried logging into myServices as a site admin, going to the URL that displays the service details, and the cancel request button is disabled.

The only way we've come up with to deal with this is to reject the approval, but this isn't desirable since we're not really denying their request...we really are cancelling it.  This solution is also cumbersome because I don't want to give site admin permissions to my service desk personnel who handle these requests, so they must first reassign the approval to themselves and then perform the reject action.

I'm curious how others have dealt with this situation.  Thanks for any suggestions.

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Cancelling a service during authorization

Not to pour salt... but this functionality exists in our version (v2004.2).  This was when ServiceManager was very different than it is now.  In our version, you can search for a request or go into Administration, click on the request number and see a summary page of the requisition that allowed "Cancel Requisition" at any point after the submission of the request.

The only time this would be "greyed" out would be if the services were set up to not allow cancellation after the task plan s

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Cancelling a service during authorization

Posting response I received from the Yes program:

Hi Tylor,

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