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CCP request/response to/from CPO

Greetings !

There were good documents video explaing about CCP and CCO integration, , however, still hitting with issue which shows some issue in our CCP implementation.

Sample Requirement is to offer SQLQuery tool to the user, which captures SQL Server IP, DB, User, Pass and the query to execute.

These values to be passede to CPO, where it will create a SQLTarget , execute query and returns the response.

1. 've created data dictionary which captures the above mentioned parameters

2. Created a sample Outbound transformation - SampleOutbound

3. Created an agent (SampleAgent)

     3.A     In general Properties set, Outbound = SampleOutbound , Inbound = CPO Inbound

     3.B     In Outbound properties , and necessary values filled

     3.C     In Inbound Properties, default values filled

     3.D     In Outbound Request Parameters, ncessary mapping done (Say,  Action etc.,

     3.E     In Outbound Response Parameters,  ncessary dictionary field mapping is done

     3.F     In Inbound Parameters, mapping for variable to handle CPO response filled (say output)

4. Created necessary Service Item, Service Design, Form Components, Porlets and Portal Pages

5. In form components->plan tab, mapped the form with "SampleAgent"

With all these set, would expect the portal to generate the request to CPO when we click "Submit Order".

However, it doesn't happen

Under ServiceLink->Transactions->ExternalTask listing,  the status shows "skipped", if we select a particular task (link), the status shows "completed".

And also, there are no  Inbound / Outbound messages found for this transaction.

Just wondering the step on where to check / troubleshoot, as the flow is stuck in passing the information to CPO.

Appreciate for any help !


yoga ..

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