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CIAC 4.1 installation - not able to deploy "SC_Services_4-1.xml" package

I'm doing a fresh installation of CIAC 4.1, installed CPSC and also finished importing/deploying portal pages and done with Rex Adapter installation.

While deploying service package 'SC_Services_4-1.xml', it's just not finishing the deployment in spite of waiting for hours together. It seems to be quite a huge package at 56 MB, and we did have had difficulty deploying even 2 MB xml files in the previous 10.0 version.

We increased the heap size to see if that helps to 1 GB but it didn't help. 


Appreciate your input on how to address this problem. Without resolving this, we cannot proceed with CIAC installation/configuration. Thank you

Cisco Employee

It is best to file a TAC SR

It is best to file a TAC SR for such an issue.  Also, I suggest that you post this to the IAC forum.

Community Member

Thank you Song for your

Thank you Song for your response. I just posted it in the IAC forum, just thought the issue is with the Catalog Deployer and hence posted here to see if anyone has faced the problem.

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