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ColdFusion's future in the product

Original post by scott smith
9:14am, May 19

The version of CF packaged with RC is now 7 yrs old and there are an increasing number of incompatibilities with the new JREs. This is minimizing our ability to customize using CF features that are not compatible with the current JRE.

Are there plans to either upgrade CF or remove it from the product?

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ColdFusion's future in the product

We needed to build an LDAP Transverse Utility to dynamically assign multiple levels of approvers. The java component we had build was averaging 4-5 seconds for record retrieval. I had build an engine in ColdFusion but because of JRE Incompatabilities we were unable to utilize it.

After much research I happened across the following which resolved our issues with CFLdap and the engine in ColdFusion executes in an average of .25 seconds.

so i started digging around on the web and found this!

then i happened into this

By updating the HF JAR and xml in the EAR and redeploying we now have full functionality of CF.

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ColdFusion's future in the product

Hi Scott,

We've been interested in this too; as I understand it, coldfusion is what it is standing in the way of JBoss being able to be used in a clustered environment and we're keen to get off our platform (WebSphere).  nS have indicated that the plans are for it to actually go away, but it will still be a while (not in the next major release was the last I heard).



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