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CPO issue - Copying a file from local machine to remote shared location


Hello All,


I am trying to copy a file from local server to remote shared location by using the below command - 


Copy-Item -Path E:\praghav\latest_log.txt -Destination \\CPO-PRD-04\Shared_Directory\Cognos_Logs_DEV\latest_log.txt

ErrorCopy-Item : Access to the path '\\CPO-PRD-04\Shared_Directory\Cognos_Logs_DEV\latest_log.txt' is denied.At C:\Windows\Temp\PO_WorkingDir_d3387d74-c99c-4f00-9008-a4a4adaa9f82\PO_PSScript_d3387d74-c99c-4f00-9008-a4a4adaa9f82.ps1:1 char:10+ Copy-Item <<<<  -Path E:\praghav\latest_log.txt -Destination \\CPO-PRD-04\Shared_Directory\Cognos_Logs_DEV\latest_log.txt    + CategoryInfo          : PermissionDenied: (E:\praghav\latest_log.txt:Fil    eInfo) [Copy-Item], UnauthorizedAccessException    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : CopyFileInfoItemUnauthorizedAccessError,Microsof    t.PowerShell.Commands.CopyItemCommand 

Directory already has full access. The command is working fine when i am using it in powershell command prompt.

But it's not working fine in CPO Process.

Any idea?




Cisco Employee

Who has full access to it?

Who has full access to it? anyone? Both read/write?


Can you tried standard "copy" from a windows execute function?

--Shaun Roberts

Technical Leader, Services

Cisco Employee

Yes. Anyone can access it.I

Yes. Anyone can access it.

I am able to copy the file by using the same command via powershell command prompt but it's not working when i am using CPO activity.

Cisco Employee

Is the PowerShell activity

Is the PowerShell activity configured to run on the local PO server machine or a remote machine?

Cisco Employee

Did you check the "Select

Did you check the "Select this checkbox if this activity uses remote resources" ? I'm not sure if that will help here, but I normally check it for remote access stuff. (Worth a shot if you have not)


If that does not help, I'd suggest a TAC case.

--Shaun Roberts

Technical Leader, Services

Cisco Employee

 Awesome Shaun!!It's working


Awesome Shaun!!

It's working for me.


Thankyou so much.

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