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Embedded services

Hi, I have a requirement where a client can order storage such as a volume for instance (requisition 1). However the flow in CCP may trigger a rapi call to trigger another service to create a vfiler in case there is none that can host the requested volume (requisition 2).

Question: Is there a mechanism or best practice to keep the requisition 1 open until requisition 2 is completed, knowing that requisition 1 must perform others steps once 2 is completed?

Currently our thought is to have a step, when the creation of a vfiler is needed, to assign requisition 1 to the storage service team, putting the requisition 1 "on hold". And once requisition 2 is completed, have a manual step to set the step in requisition 1 as "done" allowing it to continue. But we'd rather have something more automated ..

Other question raises such as, what about if another requestion 1b is ordered, since requisition 2 is in progress .. there is no need to have another vfiler creation requisition triggered. But at the same time, this new requisition must stay open and wait on the completion of requisition 2 to proceed ...

An easy solution is to close requisition 1, and have the client resubmit once 2 is completed .. but that is not a great user experience!

Or have volume creation and vfiler creation services combined into one unique service, but that would not solve the problem when a second order is submitted in parallel as only one vfiler need to be created.

Appreciate your input/ideas.Thanks.

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