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Errors when fields are added

After an onload active form rule has been added for a newly created  field, viewing a service request submitted prior to the addition of the  new field causes a pop-up error.

I added a field to a dictionary  and then created on onload active form rule to populate that field.   Since the field doesn't exist in requests submitted prior to the  addition of the field an error pops up with the message below.  I need  to figure out a way to change the rule to only kick off if the field is  available or to turn off the error message.

An attempt to get  data and/or use it on the form has failed because the field <Dictionary>.<Field> is not on this form.

Thanks in advance for any advice.  This  really bothers our approvers and makes it look unprofessional.

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Errors when fields are added

I know of a couple of reasons as to why you'd get that:
1. If you have a rule populating the field, even though it's hidden it needs to be editable. You may have to go from a hidden display type to just text and hide via rule.
2. Dictionary permission. Are the people who are "viewing" the form at time allowed to see that dictionary which is attempting to populate?

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Errors when fields are added

Could you test it using a script, and invoke the rule only if the test got the proper results?

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Errors when fields are added

Hi Joe,

This is a fairly common use case, and occurs when dictionaries/fields are added to a service after it has gone into production.

Similar to what Kaz has suggested, when you add a field or dictionary to a service, and that field/dictionary is referenced in rules for ongoing transactions, add a condition that tests for the presence of that dictionary or field on the form:

Add Action > Dictionary > exists on the service form
Add Action > Dictionary Field > exists on the service form

This way, if the dictionary/field is not present -- as in the case of ongoing transactions -- the rule will not fire.



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