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Failure Email Notification

Original post by William Culley
8:29am, May 17 


I am trying to setup an email notification when a task that uses an agent fails, but choosing the Failure Email option for the task does not appear to work.  I've tested the email template on other task events like start and it works.  So I know the email template is correct. 

I read through the documentation and it states the Failure Email notifies when an external task fails.  Does this mean a task that invokes an agent does not have the option to send a failure notification?



Ed Contini

9:34am, May 17 

Hi Bill,

The email should fire in the even of failure of an outbound message. Is your failure for an outbound or an inbound message?- Ed

William Culley 
10:16am, May 17 

Hey Ed,

I believe we've figured this one out.  We had the failure email being set at the task level and not the agent level.  So the agent failure did not equate to a task failure and we were not receiving the failure email.Thanks for you assistance,Bill 

Anthony Erickson 
2:51pm, May 18 

Hi Bill,

We have a related issue to this which might provide some useful information.  By turning it on at the Agent level, it will also fire when an inbound update fails.  Where you are integrating tickets to external systems, we've found it's possible for updates to be made to an already-closed ticket in the remote system which tries to send an update after the Requisition has already closed.This triggers a failure notification for us, and the 3 failures we experienced were outnumbered by about the 300 false errors we received daily.  We tried configuring it at the task level, but that is not apparently what the function is for and we have an open case for it.Thanks,


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