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Getting Error when given access to a particular dictionary using group Newscale request Center service development.

Please help me to resolve this issue.

I have created Service in NewScale request Center ,In this service I have a requirement to give access to a third party vendor to check closed (service completed) services on a particular dictionary.

I have done it by creating  a group IFD (group name) and a particular person with site Administrator, Organization designer permissions, he don't have any role . And then in Active form components ,in access control tab , In service completed event I have added that group for that particular dictionary. But when I have created a request and email to him then request_id link from email , he open that link then he is getting this error "You do not have sufficient permissions to view this page" for it have attached a file also.

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Hi, Are you still having this

Hi, Are you still having this issue?

If so there are a few things you can check, first of all, what URL is the link taking the user to, is it Service Manager (perhaps you could provide the link for some insight)? If so the user might need additional capabilities to access Service Manager.

Secondly, at what point in the delivery phase is this mail being sent, is this upon completion of the service request or during service delivery? If it is during service delivery then you would have to configure access control during the service delivery moment and not during service completion for the user to access it.

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