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How do I migrate entity name changes?

How do I migrate entity name changes?

In some cases, you may want to change the name of a service or entity on multiple sites. CatalogDeployer cannot perform this migration automatically, although it can be accomplished manually by a person with the role of Catalog Publisher or Service Designer.

To migrate entity name changes within a newScale FrontOffice Suite implementation, without using CatalogDeployer:

  1. Navigate to the service that requires a name change in the ServiceDesigner module.  
  2. Modify the service name, and save your change(s).
  3. Ensure that the Entity Protection level, set in the Administration module, allows data to be modified on all sites requiring the name change. This might mean disabling entity protection or changing the protection level to disallow only "Create."
  4. Navigate to the service requiring a name change in ServiceDesigner on each site that requires the change.  Modify the service name and save your change(s).
  5. If Entity Protection settings were modified, restore the original settings.

Why is this important?

Entity name changes are important because CatalogDeployer updates a previously deployed entity by matching its name to the name in the deployment package.

If an entity name has changed, a new entity will be created during deployment (for a primary entity or component automatically deployed with the service, like a Category) or the deployment may fail (for an associated entity).

It is best to update entity names on target sites before deploying packages which may contain the changed entity.

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