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How to allow Team members to view requests submitted by other teammates

By default our company is keeping service requests visible to only the person who submitted the item and those needed to fulfill it.   I have a need to allow team members to view requests submitted by other teammates.  Our request center support team is telling me enabling such a feature is too difficult.   I was hoping to get a second opinion. We are not a small company having hundreds (if not thousands) of teams or departments. 

My group submits many different types of services and new ones are being added all the time.   We need to be able to collaborate on any service submitted by the team.  RequestCenter is still in the adoption phase and enabling collaboration by making any request visible to a teammate would go a long way towards speeding up adoption.   

I would appreciate any references to Design documents that talk about this topic and how to set it up.

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How to allow Team members to view requests submitted by other te

You can setup a Role and give the Capability of "See Requisitions for My Business Units" to the Role.  Then you add the users who need the ability to see requisitions in their Organizational Units (OU) to this Role.

That means if Tom belongs to "HR OU" and "Special M&A OU", and Tom has this permission, he will be able to see requests submitted by everyone in HR and "Special M&A".  Does this meet what your need?

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