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HP Service Desk 4.5 and ServiceLink

Originally posted by Darwin Hammons - Assurant

11:15am, May 6

Has anyone attempted with generate related items in Service Desk from a RequestCenter requistion?  for exmaple, we are working on building a process that will create a service call with related work orders for some of the requests.  Just wondering if anyone has experience in this area and if they found the process to be reliable.

Anthony Erickson
2:36pm, May 11

Hi Darwin,

We have the same set up (RC 2008 to OVSD) and use the OVSD adaptor.  We're only integrated to Service Calls at the moment and using Templates to be able to route and set most of the meta data.

You should be able to set up a Service Call template to be related to multiple Work Orders but the unfortunate side is that the WO values will only be defaults as RC doesn't communicate through the SC to the work orders.  You could probably look at customising some of the adaptor functions, the OVSD API does contain all the relationships I think...


Tim Schmitt - Assurant
8:14am, May 12

Hi Anthony.

Here at Assurant, we use the Service Call and work order adapters to create items in Service Desk.  We wanted to use the work order adapter so that we could have information from the requisition entered into the work order. 

Our goal is to have Service Link create a service call with all of he necessary work orders for a number of the services we've designed.  We are having some difficulties with the timing of the events.   Ideally, we would like the service call to be generated first because we need to know the service call number in order relate the work orders.  Once the call is sucessfully created, we then want Service Link to store the number of the serivce call that was created and use that information to create related work orders.

I'm working through the logistics of the process now and I think I'll be able to get there. 

Do find that Service Link is reliable with Service Desk?  Are there cases where people request services but for some reason, Service Link fails to create the items in Service Desk?

Tim Schmitt

Anthony Erickson
10:21pm, May 16

Hi Tim,
We've found it to be pretty reliable; our biggest problem is that our RC install uses Active Directory, and the OVSD in use in the organisation does not use an LDAP integration.  The records are imported, and this can cause issues where someone gets a network account, logs straight in to RC to log something and they don't exist in OVSD yet.  We're getting newScale's Prof Svcs team to come up with a fix for this, that's really my only issue at this point.

From what I remember of the OVSD API, it sounds like what you're trying to do is possible but there'll probably be a small bit of fiddling in the adaptor to expose the 'related SC' field for the WO creations.

Alternatively, you could use SC/WO templates if the delivery processes are consistent and have the Service Call go ahead and create everything (SC and related Work Orders) by passing the SC template across the bridge.  You could then write some DB rules in OVSD to copy selected data from the SC to the WOs.

Good Luck!!

Tim Schmitt - Assurant
6:12am, May 17

Thanks for the feedback Ant.
We wanted to build as much of the formatting into RC as possible because we are hoping to upgrade to Service Manager 7 sometime in the next few years.  Do you have plans to upgrade your Serviec Desk environmnent in the future?

Anthony Erickson
3:55pm, May 18

We're on OVSD 4.5, so we have to move off it at some point as the already-extra-extended-end of life is approaching ;)
I'm not sure what the plan is at the moment as the work/assessment is being performed by a different functional team in the organisation; in addition, only a subset of our IT teams use OVSD and our direct RC-to-OVSD integrations are fairly minimal (we stop in Remedy first for the majority of our external tickets).
Will let you know if I'm able to add any more in future.


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