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IE behavior with OnLoad - Sequencing of data auto-load of Service Item and OnLoad javascript

I am working on a service item based modify service, that would be launched after selecting an SI in My Things in CPSC 10.0 (patch 3g). The SI data is configured to autoload onLoad by checking the "Enable automatic retrieval of service item instance data" checkbox. And I have an onLoad javascript that is based on the 'Status' value retrieved in the SIBD, which sets another free form dictionary field with a certain value based on the SI status value.


This sequencing of autoload of SI data and the onload conditional rule is working as intended in Firefox browser, but when I launch the modify service in IE9, it does not work. I have an alert statement too in the conditional rule to debug, and the rule is certainly firing.


Did anyone experience this behavior before? How is it that it works in Firefox, but doesn't work in IE9? Thank you.

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Does anybody have a

Does anybody have a workaround or an answer ? Thank you.

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