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Is there a way to suspend a workflow where it fails and restart the workflow again

                   I am looking for some guidance, is it possible in CPO 2.3.x where I can re-trigger a workflow which failed while executing certain activity and later resume execution from the same workflow from exactly where it failed. As an simple example I have a workflow that is composed of some activities and sub workflows executing in sequence and while executing a sub workflow or an activity from the main workflow it fails. I know the reason it failed, but is it possible that instead of re-executing the whole workflow top-down,just resume the execution where it failed. In the attached image, if the workflow fails while executing PS Script #1 and stops there, later can I trigger the same workflow to resume execution of the main workflow from PS Script #1 and run to completion? I see there is tab for workflow that specifies "Start Point" butI am not sure how to specify the starting point within the workflow. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




Cisco Employee

Is there a way to suspend a workflow where it fails and restart

You are on the right track with start points.

They are under the "logic" workspace in your process editor. Just drag the "start point" out to where you would want it to resume from and name that start point.

You'll have to do more logic then, like maybe calling it from the portal or something, to call that process with that start point, but that would accomplish what you are looking for. With later 2.3.X you might look into Process Events as well and raising those as things happen in your process so you can track them.

--Shaun Roberts CIAC Adoption Pilot Engineering Lead
Community Member

Is there a way to suspend a workflow where it fails and restart

Thank you Shaun. I was able to make it work. Yes,there are additional logic to be added but not as bad I was expecting. I was using Alert as an event to notify failures and use Alert status change to trigger the workflow again. There are some additional challenges to deal with data to re-trigger the workflow from where it failed but I think I have the framework working that I needed. There few option available to deal with the data.

Thank you once again.


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