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Issues I've stepped upon while testing MCAK 3.1.1 v5

Hello everyone,

At the moment I am using MCAK 3.1.1, I've installed the v5, as well as CPO hotfix 10,11 and 14.

Here are the main issues I've had until now, that have not been reported on the forum:

- In the service "Create POD", I couldnt submit the form and CIAC displayed the message

"License information is missing from the table. Please refresh license table  before submitting this request." even thought we have the right license and a maximum of 1 million POD's.

I found the rule that fired this alert, named "Stop Submit if No License Info", its condition was if MaxPODCount >= 0 then stop submission, I believe this is an error, and I changed that rule, and created a POD for an EC2 connection.

- In the "Manage MultiCloud ressources" portal page, under the amazon EC2 tab, after I discover the ressources, the portlet keeps showing "0 Amazon Images", if I clic on the images link, I can see the list of images, I have 2 AMI's at the moment, but the portlet still displays "0 Amazon image".

- A more serious issue, that also prevents me from ordering a VM is EC2 template registery service doesn't seem to be working. I have looked at the delivery plan, there is 2 task: an update service item that seems to be working and updates an Amazon SI, and a task that calls a process in CPO. Since in the order VM from template service, the list of navigators comes from an sql that looks at the SI SIVMTemplate, I believe the service "Register EC2 VM Template" in it's task that calls a CPO process (FSM State Transition) should create a service item of type SiVMTemplate, but it does not. Actually, that process does nothing:

And when I right clic on FSM State Transition >> Register and choose edit, I see the process is empty. I have found no where what I should put into that process.

Did I overlook something?

Also, when in CPO I search for "multi-cloud" I find "Multi-cloud Create Virtual Server From Template", but no process "Multi-Cloud Register Template", is something missing in my installation?

Community Member

Issues I've stepped upon while testing MCAK 3.1.1 v5

About the third issue, I forgot to precise we can't order a VM after having registered from My services module, but works when registering from the portlet Manage Multi-cloud ressources. I would recommend adding some code (javascript) that tests if the service was called from a portlet or directly from the My services module, and showing an alert or something similar in that case (the first 3 read-only fields are also empty when the service is called directly from My services).


Issues I've stepped upon while testing MCAK 3.1.1 v5

Thanks for your summary of the issues you ran into setting up Multi-Cloud.

I think the biggest issue here is the use of My Services as a way to interact with IAC services. This IS NOT supported by IAC nor by MCAK as an extension to IAC. Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to turn My Services off to prevent attempts to access the services outside of the portlets.

I am concerned about the change to the rule you modified to get around the license issue. I know you were having issues with the license (as many others have), so I think we need to continue to dig further into this to make sure your licensing issues are fully resolved. We can review this during our next WebEx together.

Your second issue may be related to some known issues using IE 9+ for the Manage Cloud Infrastructure portlet (from which Manage Multi-Cloud Resources was created). Have you tried another browser? FireFox?

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